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Dear young friend,

Christian greetings & Welcome to the youth message site!. Throughout time, God has used many young people for His kingdom.  Could it be that He love's the tender heart and the passion that you possess?  When that tender heart  and passion is channeled for the Kingdom of God, great thing's are bound to happen.  Don't let Satan rob you, by telling you that you are too young to do something for the Lord.  Satan recognizes the potential a young person has, that is totally surrendered to Christ.  Satan was there, when young David killed Goliath.  He was there, when the angel visited a teenager by the name of  Mary.   He was there, when young Josiah was made king and he begin to remove paganism from Judah.  I encourage you to be a David, a  Mary, a Josiah, who does not allow Satan to steal your youth, but you give it to God to use as He pleases.  May God richly bless you.

Your friend in Christ,

Brother Michael Tidwell

Editor:- Eagle View Magazine
He used the youth in Daniel's day...
He used the youth in Daniel's day because they would not eat of the king's meat, nor would they drink of his wine. But instead they ate only the sincere pulse of God's revealed Word and drank only the waters which flowed from the Throne of Grace, clear as crystal. I'm blending the old testiment account with what I believe is happening in the Youth of today. When they are tested, I believe they will be found to be more fairer and wiser than the children of Laodicia
I believe that annointing will effect their sybilings and their parents in such away that a Godly jealously will rise up in them, making them want to apprehend that which has Apprehended them, so that the same fragrance of Christ will also be in them...this will of course empower them to raise up the Son of Man like the Brass Serpent was raised in the wildernes and that will bring on the Spoken Word and thus the Bride will really know who She is, and Brother Branham said when She knows who She is, then the Rapture will take place.
Inspiring Words provided by:
                                        [Bro.Hugh Message-Cloverdale Bibleway Church]
Do youths Have a Ministry?

Greetings Friends;

Throughout the time i have spent in the FAITH. I have seen this a big question in the youths of the Message of the Hour. Some ask, do the youths have a ministry?? and others wonder how far the ministry of the youths is. Let us begin by answering who a youth is.

II CORINTHIANS 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sightsmile

A youth is any body in a young stage of development.(spiritual or physical...note quote below.) How ever, the scripture above says that the way of a TRUE Christian should be by faith and not by SIGHT. Remember that when Carnal Goliath looked at DAVID by Sight, he never did Overcome him. Why, for the spirit of the Lord had taken over David and enabled him to kill Goliath.


E-13 013 There you are, every place, everywhere. And when just a lad, just had entered the ministry, was just a young boy in the way, this elderly gentleman set in my room one day, before my first wife had passed away, set in there. We didn't have nothing in the house, just an old folding bed. We give that to him. We moved off the other room, the little, old, iron bedstead that the children slept in. He stayed in our home. And one day while setting there, I couldn't understand him. I didn't know too much about the spiritual things, and I wondered about this other, and kept it in my heart, before it was confirmed.

And one day sitting there, he rose to his feet, and gave a message, like the man did awhile ago, in unknown tongues. I looked at him, and he stood back and gave the interpretation. And he said, "God speaks and said that you're just a boy now, you got a lot of youth about you, but someday God will use you." And that come to pass, that's right, just as a lad.

 ROMANS 8:7 Because the carnal mind [is] enmity against God:.........

Now that we have briefly analyzed who a youth is, let us find out whether he has a ministry. if yes; of which kind?


E-10 010 I think of Billy Graham, right down here in Los Angeles when all the Youth For Christ got to praying for him, how that the newspaper wrote him up critical, criticized him about saying the--the lion, Leo, kicked him in the belly and said, "See if that's one's fat enough" to lay his head onto.


E-112 112 I teach that there won't be little bitty babies like that in heaven. We'll all be one age and one size, immortal. You have to always be that way. We'll just be... There'll be no real old people and no real little bitty babies; we'll be just one age, the youth forever.


E-28 028 Now, Job knew he had not sinned. Wherefore, after all them trials, and all that trouble, Job just kept holding on. There was something about it that he knew that God loved him, and he loved God.

Now, notice. After while from the east came a little prince by the name of Elihu, meaning, oh, or representated--representing Jesus Christ. Now, when he come to him, he said, "Don't despise my youth, 'cause I'm younger than you are, Job. You're an old sage, probably way over a hundred and fifty, or hundred years old, or something. And I'm maybe just a young fellow, but don't despise my youth."


E-28 028 I like this. Job said, "Thou speakest a foolish woman." Now, he never said she was foolish, but she spoke like one. See? Said, "Thou speakest like a foolish woman. The Lord gave, and the Lord taken away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord." Oh, that's the way I like to see it. "Blessed be the Name of the Lord."

He had seen God. God came down in a whirlwind and talked to him. You see? And he knew God was. And I like this part too. My. When then--then down from the east came this little prince Elihu. If we had time to get that name out, "Eli la a Yahweh," so forth which is God representative meaning Jesus Christ. He came to Job and corrected him for what he'd said.

He said, "Don't despise my youth now." But he said, "You're--you're accusing God of something that's not right." So then he begin to get Job straightened out, and he--he didn't accuse Job like his church members.

JOEL 2:28 ¶ And it shall come to pass afterward, [that] I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

Finally brethren, forbid not the youths to rise and Shine in their respective positions. Let the gifts work in and through them in churches and may they be taught well in the Absolute WORD of God to stand for the Lord in the Evil day. Hope the Quotes and Scriptures  provided above are a Blessing.

In the Love & Fear of God

Bro. Busobozi

Editor-The Youth Message Site

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